Equipment Service Plans

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Would you drive your car without having regular oil changes and tune ups? Your heating unit is no different; it needs attention and service to run properly. If you don't have the correct regular maintenance, you may end up with a very large service bill that you did not expect.

You have enough to worry about, your heating unit should not be among your concerns. Protect one of your home's most important investments - your heating system - with Rinker Oil Corporation. Whether you heat with oil, natural gas, or propane, we have a plan to fit your needs. You can choose to add your water heater or cooling system to any of the plans. You'll have peace of mind knowing that our knowledgeable, experienced service technicians are taking care of your heating unit.

Heating with Oil or Natural Gas: Silver Plan
For just $199.00 per year, Rinker Oil Corporation's Oil or Natural Gas Heating Silver Plan covers almost everything that's likely to go wrong with your heating system. It includes an annual tune-up to increase your system's longevity and performance, provides discounts on all repairs, and gives you priority service. This Plan is available for oil fired and natural gas heating units. Increase your security by adding your cooling system or water heater to your plan. For easy budgeting, you can include the cost of the Silver Plan in your monthly SmartPay payments.

Heating with Oil or Natural Gas: Gold Plan
With our Oil or Natural Gas Heating Gold Plan, you'll get all the benefits of the Silver Plan, plus much more. The affordable annual fee of $329.00 covers nearly 100 heating system parts, and there is NO repair charge for covered parts! Plus, there's no charge for diagnosis, and you'll have priority service for all no-heat emergencies. For the greatest security, add your water heater and cooling system to your Gold Plan.

Full details for the Silver and Gold Plans for Oil and Natural Gas heat (pdf)

Heating with Propane: Silver Plan
Rinker Oil Corporation isn't just about oil! If you heat your home with propane, our Propane Silver Plan can provide the security and service you need for just $149.00 per year. Similar to our Oil and Natural Gas Silver Plan, our Propane Plan includes an annual equipment tune up, discounts on diagnostics and repairs, and priority service. You can also add your cooling system and your water heater to this plan for increased coverage.

Full details for the Propane Silver Plan (pdf)

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