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We Specialize in Whole House and Mobile Home Installation

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Enjoy the comfort of clean, cool air in your home or business with an air conditioning system installed and maintained by Rinker Oil Corporation. There is nothing more refreshing than coming home after a hot day of work or play to a cool air system that also removes humidity. Similarly, it's much easier to be productive on the job when you're at a comfortable temperature and humidity.

We specialize in service and installation of whole house and mobile home central air systems.

Whole Home Air Conditioning is part of a complete home comfort system. Working in tandem with your heating system, whole home air conditioning, also called central air conditioning, keeps your home or business at a comfortable temperature and humidity all year round. Cooling may be just as important as heating, particularly to protect vulnerable populations at home and to ensure productivity at work.

Ductless Air Conditioning, or Mini-Splits, provide the same benefits as central air conditioning, but to a smaller area. Similar to heating zones, ductless air conditioning cools and dehumidifies the air in one or more rooms. It's ideal for homes and businesses that aren't already equipped with ductwork, and is a great improvement in comfort, security, and energy efficiency over room air conditioners.

Mobile homes present unique circumstances for both heating and cooling. Rinker Oil Corporation is experienced in installing and maintaining mobile home air conditioning systems. These systems are generally more similar to ductless or mini-split systems than central air conditioning. They are able to efficiently maintain a cool temperature throughout the entire mobile home when properly sized and installed.

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Some of the air conditioners we install and service:

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Miller Air Conditioners
Tappan Air Conditioners