Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Commercial, Camp and Residential Direct Vent Heaters

direct vent heaters

Q: How do I know what size heater I need?
A: A skilled Rinker Oil Corporation technician will visit your home or business to determine which direct vent heater unit is right for you.

Q: Is there a unit that I can use just to heat one room?
A: Yes, you may have one room in your home that you spend more time in than others. We can size a heater for that room so that you can have it as warm as you want and then, when you're not in that room, let the main heat source take over like the rest of the structure.

Q: What kind of fuels do direct vent heaters burn?
A: Direct vent heaters work with propane, natural gas and fuel oil. The fuel oil units are a bit trickier because they are gravity fed so the fuel storage has to be higher than the unit since it does not have an oil pump.

Q: What other applications are appropriate for a direct vent heater?
A: There is a whole realm of possibilities. Direct vent heaters are great for a camp that has no electricity, space heat for individual rooms, or acting as a heat source for temporary power outages. You can even convert a house from electric to direct vent heating.

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