Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Furnaces and Boilers

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Q: How do I know what size furnace or boiler I need?
A: A skilled Rinker Oil Corp. technician will come to your home or business to perform tests to determine what size system would be the most efficient and appropriate for your specific situation.

Q: What is AFUE?
A: AFUE stand for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. This is the ratio of annual output of useful energy to the annual energy input to the furnace. In other words, it means how much heat the system produces compared to how much energy (oil, propane, electricity, or natural gas) it takes to run it. The higher the AFUE is, the more efficient the equipment; the higher the efficiency, the more savings on fuel bills.

Q: Can I have my gas-fired forced air furnace removed and replaced with a oil-fired forced air furnace?
A: Yes it can be done. Oil fired systems are called "low boys." This means the supply and return collectors, or plenums, are on top of the furnace. Gas fired systems are "high boys." meaning the supply plenum is on the top, return comes in on the bottom. Therefore, if you change your fuel supply, some duct work changes will be needed.

Q: Can I use my existing duct work with a new heating system?
A: Yes, but keep in mind each case is unique. Rinker Oil technicians need to make sure that there is proper air flow to the system, so we will to check your current duct work to make sure that it is properly sized for the new system.

Q: Can I have different heating zones on a forced air system?
A: Yes, but it is not common. Zoned heating system are more common in boiler systems than in forced air furnace systems. If you want to zone your forced air system, Rinker Oil technicians will consider if and how this can be done to ensure that your system is not starved for air, and that you don't create more heat than the duct work can handle.

Q: Will a new, high efficiency forced air system work in my existing chimney?
A: Probably not. The new high efficiency systems vent with PVC plastic. If you put a high efficiency furnace into most chimneys, it could condense and not vent properly. However, a high efficiency unit can go into the chimney if it is lined with the proper liner.

Q: Do you offer forced air systems for mobile and modular homes?
A: Yes. Rinker Oil Corporation can design and install a system for your mobile or modular home.

Q: Can I replace my old furnace with a boiler?
A: Yes, but bear in mind that this is an entirely different type of heating system. A boiler will not be able to make use of your existing ductwork, instead requiring the installation of hot-water baseboard heating or similar. This generally makes replacing a furnace with a boiler (or vice versa) cost prohibitive.

Q: I have a boiler. Can I have radiant floor heating installed?
A: In general, no. In-floor radiant heat is designed to be installed in new construction, not retrofit situations. There are some unique circumstances when it can be done; Rinker Oil Corporation heating specialists will be happy to look at your situation and discuss the possibility with you.

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