Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Propane/LP Gas

propane gas flame Q: What is propane?
A: Propane is a liquid that comes from a combination of natural gas processing and petroleum refining. Propane is always a liquid until it is used. Propane is non-toxic and odorless; an identifying odor is added so the gas can be readily detected if there is a leak.

Q: What can I use propane gas for?
A: Propane is a versatile product that you can use to heat your home, business, or farm. It can also heat your water, cook your food, dry your clothes, power your gas fireplace, heat your pool or spa and power your emergency standby generator.

Q: Is propane safe?
A: Propane has an excellent safety record. The propane industry has developed its own set of very stringent codes and regulations and is considered to be one of the safest ways to heat your home. Propane is safe and non-toxic and produces minimal emissions. Propane is not harmful to soil or water.

Q: Does Rinker Oil supply propane tanks, and is there a rental fee?
A: When you become a Rinker Oil propane customer, we supply the propane tanks that will fit your specific application. Rinker Oil does not charge a rental fee for the tank. We do however charge a tank-set fee when we bring the propane tanks to your home or business.

Q: What is the tank-set fee and what does it include?
A: The tank-set fee covers the cost of travel and labor for the service technician to come to your home or business to hook up your propane gas. Also included in the tank-set fee is a Safety Check, which makes sure that all the propane gas lines are working properly and that the system holds pressure. We also light all pilot lights for appliances hooked up to your propane gas.

Q: How do I know what size propane tank I will need for my home or business?
A: The answer all depends on your particular applications, how you are using the propane. Each appliance has a BTU rating. The higher the BTU rating, the more storage you will need to make sure that the propane gas vaporizes to keep your propane-fired appliances working properly. Our experts will work with you to determine your particular home or business needs, ensuring that you have the correct size tank and delivery schedule.

Q: What influences propane prices?
A: Propane prices are subject to a number of factors. Although propane is produced from a combination crude oil and natural gas, the price of propane is mainly influenced by the cost of crude oil. This is because propane competes against crude oil-based fuels. Other factors that effect propane prices include supply and demand, the weather, inventory levels and transportation costs.

Q: How can I pay for my propane gas?
A: All propane gas accounts must be credit approved and on automatic delivery. You can pay as you go; but your best option is to sign up for our Smart Pay or Pre-Buy Plans. You can spread your fuel bills out over 12-months or, you can pre-pay all of your propane gallons up front in one easy payment.

Q: Does Rinker Oil wait until prices are at their highest to make a delivery?
A: Absolutely not. We has no control over supply and demand. We always base our deliveries on customer needs and the most efficient truck routes. If you periodically receive high bills, one of our budget plans may be the best option for you.

Q: How can I protect myself against paying a high delivery price for propane?
A: Enroll in our Smart Pay or Pre-Buy Plan. Both include price caps on the per gallon price you will pay.

Have we answered all your questions about propane? If so, we hope you'll become a Rinker Oil Corp. customer. If not, please contact us or call us (585-968-3330) with any other questions you have.

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