Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Customer Service

Q: Do you offer 24-hour emergency service?
A: Yes. We are here for you 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Q: Can I pay for my Equipment Service Plan through the SmartPay Program?
A: Yes. Click on the links for more details about those plans.

Q: How are propane and fuel oil prices set?
A: Heating fuels like propane and fuel oil are traded on the commodities market, which is constantly changing. The biggest influence on propane is the cost of the raw material used to make it which is crude oil and natural gas.

Q: What causes prices to change?
A: The propane and fuel oil markets respond as soon as any situation affects supply and demand. Examples include unusually warm or cold weather, supply interruptions, the global economy, commodity trading, hurricanes and lack of or excess production.

Q: Does Rinker Oil Corporation wait to deliver when prices are at their highest?
A: No. It may be tempting to feel that way especially after receiving a high priced delivery. Remember that we have no control over supply and demand. We always base our deliveries on customer needs and the most efficient truck routes.

Q: How can I avoid paying high delivery prices?
A: By signing up for our Smart Pay or SmartPay Plus Plan or our Pre-Buy Plan. Our SmartPay Plan allows you to cap your price for the heating season, protecting you from prices that may spike while spreading your payments out over 12-months. Our Pre-Buy Plan offers you the best price available. This is where you pay for the purchase of a one-year supply of heating fuels by making one payment before the start of the heating season. For more information on either of these programs, contact us today.

Q: How can you have different prices than your competitors in this area?
A: Propane and fuel oil are competitive. At any given time, you will find our prices differ from our competition. The differences usually depend on dependability of supply, quality of service, payment terms, delivery options, equipment repair service, and ownership of storage tanks.

Q: Does Rinker Oil Corporation work on natural gas equipment?
A: Yes we do. Our skilled technicians can service and install the natural gas equipment in your home or business.

Q: How can I find out if you deliver in my area?
A: Check out our service area maps, or contact us. If you live in western New York or northern Pennsylvania, chances are you live in our service area.

Have we answered all your questions about customer service? If so, we hope you'll become a Rinker Oil Corp. customer. If not, please contact us or call us (585-968-3330) with any other questions you have.

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