Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD)

on-road diesel pump

Q: Why did on-road diesel change?
A: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) set new air quality standards to address health effects from diesel pollution. The petroleum industry is producing ULSD in order to meet these new standards.

Q: How is ULSD better for health and the environment?
A: ULSD contains less sulfur, making it possible for diesel vehicles to use cleaner technologies for controlling their emissions. This reduces highly toxic diesel particles. Also, diesel vehicles usually get better fuel mileage than gasoline vehicles. Until the change to ULSD, diesel vehicles did not have to meet the same strict air quality standards as gasoline vehicles.

Q: Do I have to use ULSD in my diesel car or truck?
A: Yes. All diesel vehicles used for on-road highway travel must use ULSD.

Q: I have a 2005 diesel vehicle -- can I use this new ULSD?
A: Yes. In addition to meeting the emissions standards for 2007 and newer diesel vehicles, ULSD is designed to be run in older diesel vehicles, too.

Q: Will using ULSD affect my vehicle's performance?
A: Engine and vehicle manufacturers expect ULSD to work fine with existing and new vehicles. However, you may want to contact your vehicle manufacturer for more information. Under typical operating conditions, there should be no noticeable impact on overall power using ULSD.

Q: What if I do not want to use ULSD in my diesel vehicle?
A: 2007 and newer diesel vehicles are being built to run only on ULSD. If you use a fuel other than ULSD in your diesel vehicle, it could cancel any warranties. It is also illegal, and, if caught you can be fined a substantial amount of money.

Q: If I am buying diesel fuel at a pump, how do I know if it is ULSD?
A: Check the pump labels. All diesel fuel pumps must say what kind of fuel they are dispensing.

Q: Can I blend kerosene with ULSD?
A: Yes, but only Ultra Low Sulfur Kerosene (no.1 diesel with no more than 15ppm sulfur)

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