Save Energy, Save Money

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Seal the leaks.

You can have a comprehensive energy assessment done to identify all your leaks. There are also simple things you can do yourself to determine where heat is leaking out of your home.

Check for anyplace you can see daylight and seal it with caulk or weatherstripping. Start by looking around door and window frames (easier to see in a dark basement or attic than in your living areas), but don't stop there. Look around the vent for your clothes dryer and your chimney. Check out where your electric, water, telephone, and cable lines enter the house. Look at where that water line goes outdoors for that backyard spigot. See if there are cracks in the mortar of the stone, block, or brick of your foundation.

Another easy test for a door or window you suspect isn't sealing well...shut it with a sheet of paper in it. If you can pull the paper out, you've got a big air leak.

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